About company

VIC was established in 1990 and quickly became one of the major participants to the Russian veterinary market. And the quality of the service offered to Russian farms soon allowed VIC to established its reputation and to set its own manufacturing capacities.

In 1994, VIC won the tender organized by the World Bank for the supply of veterinary drugs in Kazakhstan; in 1998 and 2001, the tenders organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. VIC has also won numerous Russian and international prices rewarding the quality of its production and of the service it offers to its customers for now seventeen years.

VIC has three businesses: manufacturing, wholesale to industrial farms and wholesale to clinics, petshops, veterinarians, etc.

VIC Animal Health is VICs manufacturing arm. Since mid-2007, almost all its production has been transferred to a new and modern plant located in the Vitebsk Free Economic Zone, at the border between Belarus and Russia.

Although VIC Animal Health is the largest generics manufacturer in Russia, it has also developed its own seven patents. These patented products now represent a significant and evergrowing share of VIC Animal Health business.

First and foremost, VIC Animal Health has chosen quality of its products as its guideline. Actually, since 2005, the Vitebsk production is certified according to ISO 9001 specifications. Additionally, the entire plant has been set to follow Genral Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

TD VIC is the wholesale company that focuses on serving the Russian poultry, swine and cattle industry. Present through its 14 offices and warehouses in almost all Russian regions, TD VIC is proud of representing the largest manufacturers, such as VIC Animal Health, Pfizer Animal Health, Lallemand on an exclusive basis, but also of being an official distributor of Intervet, CEVA, Bioveta and many others.

More than 40 veterinarians visit farms daily and offer a quality of service based on the most objective advices- unequaled in Russia. This is certainly the reason why almost all leading farms of Russia have chosen TD VIC has their supplier of antibiotics.

Finally Vetmarket supplies veterinary clinics, pet-shops and veterinarians with the widest range of products and instruments available on the Russian market.


Trade House VIC

The enterprises of the VI steadily seek to meet the needs of their partners as much as possible and to be closer to the end user.

VIC Animal Health

Today the VIC Animal Health has a long experience in the field of research and manufacturing of various veterinary preparations.


Vetmarket has 10 year work experience in pharmacy business and 5 year experience in wholesales.