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On 14 December 2018, VIC Group organized and held a seminar on "Effective Control of Animal Health in Pig Industry" in Omsk. Specialists of JSC Omsky Bekon participated in the seminar.

V.V. Razsokhin, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Chief Veterinarian of JSC Omsky Bekon, delivered a welcome speech.
M.L. Berdnikov, Leading Veterinary Consultant of VIC Group, made a report on "Respiratory symptoms in pigs, an integrated approach to the control of pathogens". The speaker highlighted the problem of respiratory diseases in pig complexes, its spread in Russia and economic importance of associations of respiratory pathogens. The speaker also spoke about the main infections of respiratory syndrome caused by viruses and bacteria. He addressed etiology, clinical signs, pathological signs of such diseases as porcine circovirus infection, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, mycoplasma infections, porcine pleuropneumonia, streptococcal diseases of pigs, atrophic rhinitis. At the end of the speech, the speaker presented veterinary therapeutic regimen to control respiratory syndrome with granulated drugs manufactured by VIC Animal Health.  I.A. Volkov, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Technical Director for Russia and the CIS countries at BioChek, presented the review of serological studies for 2018 conducted at JSC Omsky Bekon. E.S. Ryapisov, Swine Technician of the Feed Division of VIC Group, made a report on "Management at farrowing site". A.A. Khudyakov, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Head of the Hygiene and Sanitation Division of VIC Group, spoke about biosafety in pig complexes affected by ASFV. The report of the speaker highlighted the main aspects of biosafety in modern pig breeding enterprises. The biosafety system is based on a set of measures aimed at prevention and protection against infections. The report was based on the Pig Breeding Biosafety Program. The Program included measures for cleaning and disinfection of premises, specific cleaning of drinking water supply system and insecticidal program. The speaker pointed out that enterprises can effectively fight off infections only with comprehensive prevention programs. 

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