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VIC Group visited Asian market of agricultural achievements

The annual Central Asian International Exhibition "Agriculture" - AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2016 was held in Almaty from 2 to 4 November, 2016. At the invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Trading House VIC participated in the work of the exhibition.

AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2016 was held with the official support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan and others.

The exhibition was attended by more than 70 companies from 22 countries of the world. Agricultural manufacturers from Germany, France, China, Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, India and Russia presented their achievements.

Manufacturers of food and processed products of Kazakhstan and foreign countries were widely represented at the exhibition. Russia was represented by Trading House only, which presented veterinary drugs manufactured by "VIC Animal Health" and veterinary instruments sold by VETPRIBOR. Employees of Omsk, Novosibirsk branches and Moscow worked at the separate stand of Trading House VIC.

The aim of participation in the exhibition and presentation of veterinary exposition of Trading House VIC was the promotion of own products and search for new potential organizations for cooperation - livestock farms, poultry farms and commercial companies.

The stand of Trading House VIC was always at the center of attention of visitors, veterinarians and zootechnicians, farmers and specialists of private clinics, as with the huge demand for veterinary products, it was represented by two companies, one of which was Trading House VIC.

Trading House VIC presented drugs and animal care products being in demand among customers of this region, taking into account the specificity of livestock and poultry farms, the epizootic condition of animals and the great potential of the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Visitors to the exhibition got acquainted with the most advanced technologies in veterinary medicine, the last generation of drugs aimed at treatment and prevention of diseases in animals and poultry. Interest to the production of VIC Group can be explained by high quality confirmed by international and Russian certification.

Many directors and veterinary specialists expressed their wish to cooperate with Russian manufacturer of veterinary drugs and products. Now the products of "VIC Animal Health" are not only known but also expected in the market of Kazakhstan.

During the exhibition more than 100 managers and specialists of farms, poultry farms, associations and unions visited the stand.

Agrarians of Kazakhstan were also interested in drugs for veterinary clinics, for treatment of pets, as well as veterinary tools for animal husbandry, which were widely demonstrated at the stand of VIC. Visitors paid special attention to dosing systems of AquaBlend, ear tags of Hauptner, various syringe and needle modifications, special sprays for vaccination and disinfection for animal and poultry farming, etc.

The advertising materials of our company were very popular at the stand: pamphlets, manuals on veterinary drugs and feed additives, catalogs of VETPRIBOR. Specialists at the stand negotiated and consulted veterinarians on products presented by Trading House VIC.

At the end of the exhibition the Organizing Committee awarded Trading House VIC with a certificate with gratitude for the productive work at the exhibition, the organizers expressed their hope for future cooperation.

There is no doubt that the work in this direction is very promising, and the Central Asian regions are of enormous scientific and financial interest for VIC Group. The first exhibition of products manufactured by "VIC Animal Health" in the market of Kazakhstan became a good start for further fruitful cooperation between specialists of Kazakhstan and VIC Group.

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