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From 23 to 25 April 2018, VIC Group participated in the 8th International Veterinary Congress, which was held at the House of the Unions in Moscow. More than 1300 people from various regions visited the Congress. Reports were presented by more than 30 speakers from different countries, Russia, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, etc. The event was organized by Russian Veterinary Association with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

VIC Group presented both well-known products and new products - granulated drugs for feed production: Amoxiprem® 200, Terpentiam® 10%, Colimixol®, Lincoprem® 150, Doxyprem® 100 и 200, Floriprem® 40. New dosage forms have been manufactured with high-tech equipment in accordance with EU GMP requirements. Antibacterial drugs in the microgranule form withstand the granulation of mixed feed and meet all requirements of feed production due to the following characteristics:

  • thermostability, resistance to high temperatures, as proved empirically;
  • compatibility of dosage forms with feed components due to carefully selected excipients;
  • a high level of granule protection and bioavailability of the active substance due to particle activation technology;
  • a high degree of flowability, the lack of electrostatic properties and the size of granules (0.8-1.6 mm), accurate distribution of the drug in feed.

The specialists of VIC Group answered all questions concerning the novelties.

Veterinary specialists of VIC Group also participated in the scientific work of the Congress. Within the Conference on "Modern scientific developments and advanced technologies in poultry industry", L. Hoshafyan, Head of Poultry Division, made a report on practical experience of treatment for bacterial diseases in broiler chickens. He highlighted the problems associated with mycoplasmosis and ornitobacteriosis. During his report, he also spoke of coccal infections which is one of the cause of necrosis of the femur head. Special attention was paid to the importance of diagnostic studies and integrated approach to address the issues, which includes not just veterinary-sanitary and technological measures, but also the use of highly effective drugs. There were proposed preventive and therapeutic actions with the use of products manufactured by "VIC Animal Health": Tiocefur, Coliquinol, Solutistin, Floricol and Productive Forte.

At the Conference on "Current veterinary problems in pig industry", S. Pavlov, Deputy Director for Veterinary Medicine, Candidate of Biological Sciences, made a report on "Principles of pharmacotherapy in bacterial disease control". The presentation highlighted the relevance of bacterial infections in modern pig industry. The low efficiency of antibiotic therapy due to often reported disorders when using antibiotics related to the "human factor" was also addressed. The audience's attention was drawn to the principles of pharmacotherapy when using antibacterial drugs via feed and, in particular, to a new line of granulated drugs manufactured specifically for feed production. The proposed schemes with Amoxiprem® 200 and Lincoprem® 150 were of particular interest, not only veterinary specialists, but also representatives of feed production were involved into the discussion.

Within the Conference on "Topical veterinary aspects of dairy and beef husbandry", a round table on non-communicable diseases of cattle was held, there were discussed issues concerning reproduction of highly productive livestock and prevention of mastitis. S. Kuznetcov, leading specialist of Hygiene and Sanitation Division of VIC Group, made a report on the importance of systematic treatment of udder before and after milking in order to prevent mastitis. The economic damage caused by mastitis is expressed in reduced milk productivity, premature culling of high-value animals, low-quality of dairy products, high mortality of calves and high costs of diagnosis and treatment. New products, Lactik, Lactik Deep, Lactik Test have been manufactured by VIC Group to address these problems. These products have shown high antimicrobial, antiseptic, moisturizing and disinfecting properties.

During the Congress, experts of VIC Group held about 100 bilateral negotiations, during which specific agreements on cooperation were reached.

The participants noted that this year's scientific and business parts of the program were maximally useful, filled with new exclusive information. The event has become a platform for communication and exchange of experience for the development of the industry and economy of the country. VIC Group received a letter of commendation from Congress Organizers. Next year, in Kaliningrad, our company also plans to participate in the 9th International Veterinary Congress "ONE WORLD-ONE HEALTH" and provide its advanced developments.

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