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VIC Group participated in the "Baltic Forum of Veterinary Medicine and Food Security"

VIC Group participated in the "Baltic Forum of Veterinary Medicine and Food Security".

The annual "Baltic Forum of Veterinary Medicine and Food Security" was held in Saint Petersburg from 28 to 30 September, 2016. It was attended by the companies of VIC Group: Trading House VIC, VETMARKET and Vetpribor.

The organizers of this large international event were the Government of St. Petersburg, the Veterinary Administration of St. Petersburg, the Veterinary Development Fund, the Veterinary Administration of the Leningrad Region, Eurasian Poultry Association, Russian Veterinary Association, etc.

In the framework of the Forum 2016, there were held the following conferences: on topical issues of management and veterinary medicine in the segment of pets, pig farming, poultry farming, sheep farming, goat farming, food quality control, selection and genetics in livestock and others.

VETMARKET specializing in pets took an active part in two sections, namely, Neurology and Dermatology.

The program of the Neurology section was presented by V.V. Serdyuk, a neurologist at "VetSet" clinic and "Vetus" clinic (St. St. Petersburg). In his report he shared the clinical experience in treatment for such a serious disease as bacterial meningoencephalitis in dogs and cats with drugs manufactured by "VIC Animal Health". He noted the importance of correct diagnosis and the appointment of comprehensive treatment for such a serious disease. In his practice V.V. Serdyuk uses drugs of "VIC Animal Health", he presented specific treatment schemes with the use of these veterinary drugs.

In the work of the "Dermatology" section the participants got acquainted with the clinical experience of A.V. Albesko (Chief Veterinarian), his report was devoted to the treatment of pruritus in dogs and cats. He also focused the attention of the colleagues on treatment with drugs manufactured by "VIC Animal Health".

At the stand specialists of the company consulted visitors and participants of the Forum, specialists, practicing veterinarians of different specializations, pet shop owners and veterinary clinics. Veterinary consultants not only showed drugs, but also analyzed difficult cases in the practice of visitors, offered solutions to specific problems. In just three days of the Forum, about 150 meetings and consultations were held.

Employees of VETPRIBOR presented their products, demonstrated the methods of application of various devices used in veterinary medicine and animal husbandry.

Employees of Trading House VIC presented drugs for farm animals.

Already at several major forums and exhibitions, VETMARKET organized prize competition, where the prize was their products. Prize awarding, which has already become popular, happened at the Baltic forum too. In each of the three days of the event, any visitor or participant could register and receive their prize.

The gift bags contained:

  • novelties: corrective means for cat and dog behavior;
  • cleaning means "Chisty dom";
  • shampoos and balms "Doctor VIC" of Professional series;
  • lotions "Doctor VIC" for the ears of dogs and cats.

The Baltic Forum of Veterinary Medicine and Food Security has become an excellent event for the promotion of "VIC Animal Health" and "Doctor VIC". We thank all partners for interest shown to our products!

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