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VIC Group held a technical seminar on poultry farming in Belgorod

With the support of Zoetis, Novus, BioChek and others VIC Group held a technical seminar on "Main aspects of preserving the health and productivity of poultry" in Belgorod on 20 October, 2016.

This seminar was held in conjunction with the launching of the new plant for the production of feed additives in Belgorod. Prior to the beginning of the training program the participants could visit the plant and veterinary drug production of "VIC Animal Health". The event was attended by specialists of zootechnical and veterinary services from all poultry enterprises in Belgorod region.

Director of "NPF VIC", P.A. Podgornov opened the seminar, he spoke about productive achievements and shared the plans for the future. 

Director of Veterinary Medicine, S.G. Dorofeeva, made a report on the structure of the company, there was shown a film about a 25-year development of VIC Group. The program of the seminar was rich and covered a variety of issues relevant to poultry farming. Using the example of Versal Liquid and Acidomix there was discussed the positive effect of organic acids on poultry productivity.

There were also shown the results obtained from the production experience with vitamin-mineral feed additives of Productive line. There was demonstrated treatment for mixed infection in poultry with the following drugs: Tilmilul, Tiacycline, Clavuxicin, Tiocefur. The representative of BioChek described the modern serological diagnostics of infectious diseases in poultry.

The specialists of Zoetis presented an effective program of protection against variant strains of infectious bronchitis using Poulvac IB Primer and Poulvac IB QX vaccines and also talked about the new vaccine against colibacillosis, Poulvac E. coli, which gained popularity worldwide and was recently registered in Russia.

At the seminar there was presented the program of cleaning and disinfection of the whole poultry complex with modern and effective detergents and disinfectants manufactured by MS Shkippers.

There was also a demonstration of modern high-tech poultry equipment of domestic and European producers. Participants of the seminar actively discussed the information provided, thanked the organizers and wished to hold such events on a regular basis.

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