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VIC Group held the 7th International Scientific and Practical Conference "VETERINARY 2016"

The 7th International Scientific and Practical Conference "VETERINARY 2016" was held in Greece from 2 to 8 October.

Traditionally the main goal of the event was reflected in the main theme: "Professional approach to treatment and prevention of diseases in farm animals and poultry". The conference brought together over 200 leading specialist of veterinary and zootechnic industry and independent experts from several countries: Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Ukraine, etc.

The event is annually organized and conducted by VIC Group with the active support and assistance of Zoetis, Megamix, Novus Europe S.A/N.V., Lallemand, BioChem, H. Hauptner and Richard Herberholz, Hydro Systems, Adisseo, BioChek, Shkippers. The business union of the leading veterinary companies ensured the highest quality and importance of the scientific program, which, in the opinion of the participants, is primarily useful for practicing specialists.

The conference annually brings together veterinarians, zootechnicians and employees of scientific laboratories of the largest agricultural enterprises. The main issues at the conference were modern and innovative methods aimed at increasing the productivity of animals and poultry. This target was successfully achieved at the conference, thus, attracting close attention of leading professionals in this industry.

On the first day of the business program, Commercial Director of VIC Group, Ph.D., S.A. Kaspariants welcomed the participants of the conference. He wished everyone success in their work and high results in applying the knowledge gained at the conference. The report on modern pharmaceutical production of veterinary drugs on the sites of "VIC Animal Health" aroused great interest. The participants of the conference noted the importance of the review of the veterinary drug market, conducted by the executive director of the Russian Veterinary Association, S.V. Lakhtukhov.

The first day of the conference ended with a session of questions and answers, in which practicing veterinarians received answers to the specific questions. In the following days the participants worked in two sections, pig and poultry farming. There were discussed issues on prevention of colibacillosis, treatment for articular pathology, ornithobacteriosis, mycoplasmosis in poultry, treatment for salmonellosis and vaccination against mycoplasmosis and circovirus in pigs, and many others.

In addition to veterinary issues, there were also raised such zootechnical issues as improvement of feed assimilation, as well as significance of organic acids and protease enzyme in the digestion of protein. In their free time the participants devoted to informal communication. They visited Acropolis of Athens, the oldest architectural monument of Greece, which is a unique object of ancient culture, a world heritage that has preserved its majesty and organic component.

A team of specialists who gathered at the conference "VETERINARY 2016", participated in tournaments on darts, beach volleyball, karaoke and even in the international championship in the game "Durak".



Great charge of good mood and cheerfulness allowed the participants to work as efficiently as possible within the framework of the business program. With the fresh start, professional knowledge and with bright impressions from Greece participants of the conference returned to Russia, expressing gratitude to the organizers for the event.

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