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VIC Group participated in the 5th scientific-practical conference named "Veterinary medicine in pig farming 2016"

From 19 to 20 May VIC Group participated in the 5th scientific-practical conference named "Veterinary medicine in pig farming 2016", which was held at Siberian Federal Scientific Centre of Agro-BioTechnologies of the RAS (Krasnoobsk, Novosibirsk region).

The conference was organized by:

- National Union of Specialist in Pig Farming;

- Institute of Experimental Veterinary of Siberia and the Far East;

- Veterinary Department of Novosibirsk Region; - SFSC Agro-BioTechnologies of the RAS;

- Veterinary Faculty of Novosibirsk State Agricultural University.

More than 150 people took part in the conference, which was an important event for the pig industry in the regions. Among them were speakers from scientific and commercial institutions of Russia, as well as veterinary surveillance services in the Novosibirsk region.

The conference program consisted of 5 sessions devoted to the diagnosis of swine diseases, biosafety, as well as measures to control and monitor diseases relevant to pig industry.

The participants of the conference highlighted the report of A.V. Arzhanikov (leading swine veterinary consultant) among all the presentations. The theme of the report was: "Control and prevention of swine diseases".

The presentation addressed the effectiveness of the integrated approach to treatment and prevention of swine diseases with Terpentiam® 45%. In addition, for the first time there was presented the combined antibacterial drug Tiacycline® in various pharmaceutical forms and there were announced anticipated novelties of 2016.

During the conference at SFSC Agro-BioTechnologies of the RAS there was an information stand which provided comprehensive information on the assortment of veterinary products produced by the company in its own plants in Belgorod and Vitebsk. Visitors at the stand were interested in the company's products. Import substitution analogues and innovative drugs internally developed (Tiacycline®, Activiton®, Pulmosol, etc.) were of particular interest.

It should be noted, that product assortment manufactured by "VIC Animal Health" has more than 200 names and continues to expand. The stand of VIC Group also presented products of the company's partners. During the gala dinner the organizers of the conference handed a letter of gratitude to VIC Group, and the employees were awarded with certificates.

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