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Zoetis and VIC Group held the All-Russian seminar "The Power of Siberia" on the theme of pig and poultry farming

The All-Russian seminar named "The Power of Siberia" took place in Irkutsk from 25 to 27 August. This annual event attracts the attention of a growing number of participants. The seminar has become a major event of federal scale. The high status of the event is demonstrated by the support of leading Russian and international veterinary experts, who provided important up-to-date information on animal and poultry diseases, veterinary drugs and methods of its use.


The experts of Zoetis organized and held the first day of the program. Zoetis is rightfully considered to be one of the leaders in the international veterinary market. For more than 60 years the company has developed and manufactured vaccines, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic kits and tests.

The specialists of VIC Group held the second and the third day of the seminar. The company is the leader on the Russian market of veterinary pharmaceutics, it manufactures veterinary drugs. For 25 years of successful work 2 production complexes have been launched, 3 accredited research laboratories have been operating, and, in addition, there have been established sales of products through 19 offices in the central cities of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The product assortment contains more than 200 names of different pharmaceutical groups: antibacterial, antiparasitic, hormonal, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins and other veterinary drugs and cosmetics for animal care, as well as feed additives. Nine products are patented and innovative.

Both organizers of the seminar, Zoetis and VIC Group, consider that it is important to provide comprehensive technical, consulting and information support to practicing veterinarians and representatives of the veterinary business. The seminar was an excellent playground for this purpose.


Within the framework of the seminar there were revealed topics on epizootic status at swine and poultry farms at the present time, there were also suggested solutions to many viral and bacterial problems with the use of new technologies in biological and pharmaceutical fields, for treatment and prevention of common diseases in pig and poultry industry. The seminar brought together more than 100 participants including Heads and Chief Veterinarians of large pig and poultry farms.

The seminar was attended by representatives of Rosselkhoznadzor, the Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk region, and the Veterinary Services of Irkutsk region.

The organizers prepared an extensive scientific program divided into two sections: pig and poultry farming. Leading Russian and international experts in the field of veterinary medicine (France, Hungary), specialists from Zoetis and VIC Group were performing for the participants of the seminar.



The following topics were presented in the presentations and reports:

• Jeanne Depois (independent scientific consultant, France) made a presentation on "Complex of swine respiratory diseases, key factors, economic losses, optimal system of integrated vaccination and therapy".

• K.Gladkov (Laboratory and Diagnostic Development Manager in Russia and CIS countries, Zoetis) made a report on "Seroprofile is a comprehensive diagnostic monitoring of swine diseases".

• V. Evert (Business Manager, Technical Director in pig farming, Zoetis) described modern means of vaccination of circovirus in pigs.

• M.V. Sorokin (National Veterinary Manager, Ph.D., Zoetis) made a report on the novelty of Zoetis "Suvaccine PCV MN. Combined solution in one bottle", then he held a consultation on: "Innovative methods of improving the economic efficiency in the industrial production".

• I. Volkov (Technical Director in Russia and CIS countries, Ph.D., BioChek) made a presentation on "Impact and consequences of viremia during swine circovirus. Modern diagnostic tools."

• Saulius Kirevichus (Technical Specialist of the Custom Service Department, Zoetis) spoke on "Management: sows. Care for healthy piglets".

• F. Shiryaev (Technical Specialist of the Custom Service Department, Zoetis) described the practical aspects of using the immunological castration method on industrial pig complexes.

• M.V. Biryukov (leading veterinary consultant of VIC Group, Ph.D.) made a report on "Understanding of swine respiratory disease complex. Practical approach". In his speech he presented the schemes of therapeutic and preventive measures with the use of complex drugs: Dolinc, Pulmokit, Tiacycline, Solutystin.

• M.V. Arzhanikov (leading veterinary consultant in pig farming, VIC Group) made a presentation on optimal solutions to infectious diseases during pregnancy and lactation, on early prevention of respiratory symptom-complex and other diseases with antibacterial drugs for injection (Oxylong, Enroflon, Zitrex, Floricol) together with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (Flexoprofen) during the neonatal period.



• Josselin Margerie (independent scientific consultant, France) made a presentation on the trends in the incidence of poultry infectious diseases and spoke about the world experience in the prevention of infectious bronchitis in chickens, about application of Poulvac IB QX, vaccination schemes and monitoring.

• S.A. Orlov (Technical Specialist of the Custom Service Department, Zoetis) provided detailed information on "Factors of successful prevention of coccidiosis: rotation rules in the formulation of anticoccidiosis programs, the importance of product forms to ensure equal mixing with food".

• S. Glotov (Key Account Manager, Zoetis) highlighted the modern means of vaccination of infectious bronchitis in chickens, methods for impact assessment of QX strain on production performance.

• V. Olomsky (Key Account Manager, Zoetis) described the novelty of Zoetis, Poulvac E. Coli, as an alternative prevention method of colibacteriosis in chickens.

• K. Gladkov (Laboratory and Diagnostic Development Manager in Russia and CIS countries, Zoetis) presented another novelty, this novelty allows for detection of coccidiostat concentration in feed. He also spoke about the rules of sampling for research and documentation. An important topic he raised was the use of the PCR method in poultry farming.

• Gabor Kisari (Technical Specialist in poltry farming, Zoetis Europe) introduced the participants of the seminar to the experience of using Poulvac E. Coli, with the schemes of vaccination and monitoring.

• L.S. Khoshafyan (Leading veterinary consultant in poultry farming, VIC Group) made a report on the practical approach to the problem of respiratory diseases in broilers and on modern ways of treatment for intestinal pathology in poultry with the use of import substitution drugs (Dolinc, Enroflon-K, Floricol, Sulteprim) for medical and preventive purpose.



The next days of the seminar were also devoted to the discussion of topical issues in the field of veterinary medicine.

On the second day of the seminar, Round Table was organized with the leading veterinarians of VIC Group, as part of an excursion around the old Circum-Baikal railway. The participants could communicate in an informal setting and admire the unique nature of Lake Baikal.

On the third day of the seminar, the participants visited the exhibition of the Baikal Museum, where they could see the unique artifacts of the animal world. Then the round table relocated to the ship that proceeded to the cape on the southwest coast.


As a result of the seminar the participants noted that such meetings are very productive and useful for raising the level of awareness and personal professional growth, and as a result, they positively impact on the production performance of enterprises. "The Power of Siberia - 2017" will also give participants new knowledge and an opportunity to exchange invaluable experience in their professional activities!

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