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Due to the close scientific and practical cooperation with Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Skryabin, VIC Group was invited to attend an international conference, which was held in the Academy on 15-16 November. The event was held in conjunction with the 140th Anniversary of the brilliant scientist - K.I. Skryabin.

Academician K.I. Skryabin is known as the founder of the national helminthology. It is no coincidence therefore that most of the reports of the scientific program addressed the issues of parasitology. The event was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, students presented their reports along with eminent scientists, many of the students worked in the scientific domain for the first time. The reports addressed a wide range of problems and all veterinary issues - farm animals and pets, aquaculture, reserved territories.
At the Conference, many guests from different Russian regions and foreign countries congratulated the Academy on the significant date. VIC Group also congratulated Moscow State Academy and presented a memorable gift to the Rector - F.I. Vasilevich.
At the Conference section, Evgeny Lyusin (Veterinary Livestock Consultant of VIC Group) made a report on "Practical experience in the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in cattle", he highlighted the problem of coccidiosis in modern livestock complexes. Besides the factors promoting the spread of the disease, the report included the description of Toltrax 5%, which is a coccidiocidal drug of the triazinetrione group. Practical experience of veterinary specialists indicates a high preventive and therapeutic efficacy, confirmed by laboratory studies.
The Conference has served as another occasion to emphasize the importance of scientific achievements for the development of veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical and livestock production, and to strengthen the friendship between the scientific community and leading enterprises of the industry, to which VIC Group belongs. 


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