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Logistics and management of VIC have been certified to the highest standard!

The largest Russian veterinary company TRADING HOUSE VIC belongs to VIC GROUP, in the CIS countries it is the only company that received ISO 9001 certification on quality distribution management and ISO 280004 certification on the safety of the cold chain, transportation and storage of veterinary drugs.

Introduction of ISO 9001 and ISO 280004 standards and best practices into the work of TRADING HOUSE VIC was implemented in 2015, in February 2016 the British Standards Institution (BSI) conducted personnel training on the safety management system of supply chain in compliance with the cold chain, transportation and storage of diagnosticums and veterinary drugs.

For a long time all companies have known about the need to comply with the COLD CHAIN in the circulation of veterinary drugs, but not all companies fully comply with the necessary conditions of drug storage and transportation.



• monitoring of the temperature from the plant to the VIC warehouse;

• supply of vaccines directly from the manufacturer;

• manufacturer's warranty liability;

• reception of products at the airport or from the manufacturer's warehouse ensuring temperature requirements;

• database of all supplies and archive of temperature charts;

• delivery to the central warehouse by own transport;

• 2-year quarantine database;

• mandatory presence of temperature sensors.


• 4000 m2 central warehouse of class A;

• independent refrigerating chamber "BASF", 3000 m3;

• automated standby power system;

• automated alarm system;

• certification by leading global companies;

• batch record;

• quarantine warehouse;

• complete database.


• 40 specialized vehicles including refrigerated vans equipped with GPS;

• every 10 minutes temperature fixation;

• customer receives a temperature sheet;

• database for each delivery.


• guarantee of temperature monitoring from the plant to the customer for each vaccine batch;

• complete history of transportation and storage for each vaccine batch;

• full transparency of the supply chain;

• possibility to take reference samples from the quarantine warehouse;

• insurance coverage of temperature requirements during storage and transportation.

VIC Group was established in 1990 and to date it holds a leading position on the Russian market of veterinary pharmaceutics, it is also the largest Russian manufacturer of veterinary drugs.

For 25 years of successful work 2 production complexes (Belgorod and Vitebsk) have been launched, 3 accredited research laboratories have been operating, and, in addition, there have been established sales of products through 19 offices in the central cities of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The product assortment contains more than 200 names of different pharmaceutical groups: antibacterial, antiparasitic, hormonal, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins and other veterinary drugs, as well as feed additives. Nine products are patented and innovative.

The largest Russian veterinary company TRADING HOUSE VIC registered products (Ursoferran-200 and Tiocefur®) of its own manufacture in the European Union and became the only Russian veterinary pharmaceutical company authorized to supply veterinary drugs in the EU.

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