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The award of Honour Badge "Veterinarian" on the Day of Veterinarian

On September 1 a gala meeting on the occasion of the Day of Veterinarian was held in Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine named after K.I. Scriabin. S.V. Lakhtyukhov, Executive Director of the Russian Veterinary Association opened the meeting. He noted that it is a relatively young professional holiday in Russia, it has been celebrated on August 31 since 2013, but has already taken the status of a significant event in the professional environment and in the country.

There was held an award ceremony at the Veterinary Academy, the Leading Figures were awarded with the Honour Badge "Veterinarian".

The initiators of the revival and establishment of the "Veterinarian" mark became a group of public figures, scientists, merchants, representatives of the relevant associations. At the award ceremony there was noted that the award was meant to spread high ideals of humanity. Only the best figures in veterinary medicine, veterinary education and science can receive this award.

This honorable badge was established in 1912 and now with the active participation of VIC Group it has been revived again. More than 100 years ago, in honor of the centennial anniversary of the specialized service the most distinguished veterinarians who served from 1812 to 1912 were awarded with this plaque.

The honorary badge "Veterinarian" is a plaque of silver and gold, trimmed with sapphires, framed with intertwined oak and laurel branches. The golden imperial monograms of Alexander I and Nicholas II are in the middle of the plaque. Two capital letters "VV" made of gold are fixed under the gold monograms. The golden imperial crown is located at the top of the badge.

The initiator of the approval of this plaque was the Emperor of Russia. The badge of Veterinarian was worn on the left side of the chest, it symbolized not only the centennial anniversary of service, but also all veterinarians’ merits.

The award was given to:

E.V. Gromyko, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation;

V.N. Shevkoplyas, Director of the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Moscow;

M.I. Gulyukin, Director of All Russian State Research Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine of Ya.R. Kovalenko;

B.V. Usha, Director of the Institute of Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise, Biological and Food Safety;

Y.I. Barsukov, Head of the Main Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Moscow Region - Chief State Veterinary Inspector of the Moscow Region;

A.V. Sautkin, Chairman of the Veterinary Committee of Moscow, Chief State Veterinary Inspector;

N.A. Slesarenko, Head of the Department of Anatomy and Histology of Animals. Prof. A.F. Klimova, Dean of Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine named after K.I. Scriabin;

A.S. Kasparyants, General Director of VIC Group, was awarded for the contribution to veterinary education and science.

In response to the audience, A.S. Kasparyants noted the importance of revival of this professional award.

He thanked for the high honor, which he was awarded and through him the whole staff of VIC Group.

He assured that he would continue to make every effort to develop the industry, to increase the country's potential. A.S. Kasparyants highlighted that this award should show young people working in this profession or making first steps in veterinary medicine, that this is not just a job, but a higher calling, which is appreciated by the society. VIC Group makes every effort to enhance the prestige of the profession, looks forward to young talented specialists, and the company is always ready to support them in all professional endeavors.

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