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From import to export to Europe

The largest Russian manufacturer of veterinary drugs "VIC Animal Health" registered products (Ursoferran-200 and Tiocefur®) of its own manufacture in the European Union and became the only Russian veterinary pharmaceutical company authorized to supply veterinary drugs in the EU.

In the near future, Ursoferran-200 (Netherlands) and Tiocefur® (Latvia) will be registered in the rest of the European Union, but already under a simplified recognition scheme.

To enter the market of the European Union there is required the certification of production sites and mandatory visit of Commission to manufacture site, but taking into account preferences for local manufacturers, it is quite difficult for companies from other countries to register drugs in the European Union. For "VIC Animal Health" this was made possible by the introduction of GMP standards into its production. Since 2009, specialists of VIC with the support of German, Dutch, and Swiss consulting agencies have worked hard on the introduction of exceptional quality of production, and in 2014 it was confirmed by the certification of the VIC production site by the Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Netherlands.

Thus, among many veterinary pharmaceutical companies in Russia and CIS countries VIC became the first and the only company certified in compliance with the International EU GMP Standards ( with the right to supply its own products to the EU.

For VIC Group it is a further move in implementing the development strategy. By 2020, it is planned to supply its own production to the 50 largest countries of the world.

Tiocefur® belongs to the cephalosporin group of antibiotics, as an active substance it contains ceftiofur sodium.

The drug has a conclusion issued by VGNKI for the application together with live and vector vaccines against Marek's disease and Gumboro disease, the international university GD Deventer Netherlands, as well as recommendations issued by Merial for the application together with vector vaccine against Marek's disease and Gumboro disease.

URSOFERRAN-200 is a unique drug for injection, as an active substance it contains iron (Fe3 +) as iron (III)-dextrane-heptonic acid, that's why it has higher efficiency and safety than drugs containing iron dextran. The product is recommended for treatment and prevention of iron-deficiency anemia in piglets and mink.

The drug has been manufactured together with Serumwerk Bernburg AG since 2007.

VIC Group was established in 1990, to date it holds a leading position on the Russian market of veterinary pharmaceutics, it is also the largest Russian manufacturer of veterinary drugs.

For 25 years of successful work 2 production complexes (Belgorod and Vitebsk) have been launched, 3 accredited research laboratories have been operating, and, in addition, there have been established sales of products through 19 offices in the central cities of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The product assortment contains more than 200 names of different pharmaceutical groups: antibacterial, antiparasitic, hormonal, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins and other veterinary drugs, as well as feed additives. Nine products are patented and innovative.

The largest Russian veterinary company TRADING HOUSE VIC belongs to VIC GROUP, in the CIS countries it is the only company that received ISO 9001 certification on quality distribution management and ISO 280004 certification on the safety of the cold chain, transportation and storage of veterinary drugs.

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