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The new plant of VIC Group for the production of feed additives and ear tags

The new plant of VIC Group for the production of feed additives and ear tags was launched at the industrial park "Severny" in Belgorod on 14 October, 2016. More than 200 directors and leading specialists of agricultural enterprises visited the event. Among the guests of honor were: The Governor of the Belgorod Region and the officials of the Government, heads and representatives of the industrial Associations, Rosselkhoznadzor, Russian and foreign partners, as well as the heads of the largest poultry, pig and livestock enterprises.

At the ceremony, the Governor of the Belgorod Region, E. Savchenko, praised the new production site:

"We can see ecologically clean, safe production, innovative competitive enterprise. Actually, what we were dreaming of when we created the Technopark "Severny". Six months ago, at a small government meeting, we considered this project. It took six months, and now we see it embodied. Four thousand square meters, huge production and a lot of extra projects that we haven't considered. In VIC Group we see great promise for expansion of production that will be measured in milliard rubbles. It is ecologically clean, safe production, innovative competitive enterprise."

In 2011 VIC Group was the first company in the CIS which certified the drug production for veterinary use in compliance with GMP requirements, and in 2014 it was the only veterinarian pharmaceutical company in the CIS which received EU GMP certificate. The new production site of VIC Group has implemented the principle of total control over the production and storage processes to obtain products of the highest quality.

Production capacities of the new plant will allow the production of:

  • 1 million liters of feed additives per year;
  • 3 thousand tons of prebiotics and probiotics per year;
  • 2 million ear tags per year.

The plant is equipped with advanced technology that provides high output rates:

  • Three high-performance production facilities: production of feed additives; production of prebiotics and probiotics; production of ear tags;
  • 2 warehouses with raw materials and finished products, 540 sq. m. each.


All facilities are equipped with modern engineering systems, there have been launched ventilation and air-conditioning section and section for the preparation of purified water.

To date, the total investment in the Belgorod projects of VIC Group has already been over 700 million rubles, and after the implementation of all projects it is going to exceed 1.3 billion rubles.

General Director of VIC Group, Alexander Kasparyants, highlighted in his speech that the opening of a new production site in Belgorod was a serious step in the implementation of the strategy aimed at import substitution:

"First of all, the opening of the plant makes it possible to reduce reliance on imports. In future prospects, we must completely abandon imported drugs. The need of all pharmaceutical companies operating in Russia makes it possible to cover the country's demand for necessary medicinal products with Russian manufacturing facilities by 96-97%." Over the previous years ear tags were only imported to Russia, i.e. there was not any production in the country. Our tags are competitive, and we are planning to close almost one hundred percent demand and end to import them. Dry and liquid feed additives manufactured here can also replace the entire import. These products were imported from abroad, and today they are produced in the Belgorod region and are supplied to the entire territory of Russia and even abroad.

Within the framework of ceremonial event devoted to the new production there was held a scientific conference on "From import substitution to the creation of AIC RF". The conference was attended by leaders of National Unions, industry associations, higher education institutions, as well as major agricultural enterprises in the Russian Federation and Belgorod region.

Welcoming the participants, Deputy Governor of the Belgorod region, S.N. Aleinik, briefly described the achievements of the region in the implementation of the import programs and new challenges facing the agro-industrial complex.

In the near future, the regional agro-industrial complex has set a new ambitious goal: to provide at least 10 million people with quality food products, to implement more than 70 promising projects aimed at the production and processing of meat and milk, as well as for the production of veterinary drugs aimed at import substitution, with a total cost of about 100 billion rubles.

"Today, we witnessed the launching of one of the most promising innovative productions," said S.N. Aleinik. "Its development has serious promise both in providing its own regional agricultural market with necessary veterinary drugs and in terms of access to all-Russian and world markets."

During the conference, the following people shared their vision of the development of Russian export potential of the agro-industrial complex with its participants:

  • V.I. Fisinin - President of Russian Poultry Union;
  • Y.I. Kovalev - General Director of National Union of Pig Farming;
  • G.A. Bobyleva - General Director of Russian Poultry Union;
  • S.V. Lakhtyukhov - Executive Director of Russian Veterinary Association;
  • S.A. Kaspariants
  • Commercial Director of VIC Group.

VIC Group was established in 1990, to date it holds a leading position in the Russian market of veterinary pharmaceutics, it is also the largest Russian manufacturer of veterinary drugs.

For 25 years of successful work 2 production complexes have been launched, 3 accredited research laboratories have been operating, and there have been established sales of products through 20 offices in the central cities of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The product assortment contains more than 200 names of different pharmaceutical groups: antibacterial, antiparasitic, hormonal, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins and other veterinary drugs, as well as cosmetic products and feed additives. Nine products are patented and innovative.

The largest Russian manufacturer of veterinary drugs "VIC Animal Health" registered products (Ursoferran-200 and Tiocefur®) of own manufacture in the European Union and became the only Russian veterinary pharmaceutical company authorized to supply veterinary drugs in the EU.

The largest Russian veterinary company TRADING HOUSE VIC belongs to VIC GROUP, in the CIS countries it is the only company that received ISO 9001 certification on quality distribution management and ISO 280004 certification on the safety of the cold chain, transportation and storage of veterinary drugs.

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