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VIC Group held a technical seminar on "Main aspects of preserving health and productivity of cattle" in Belgorod

Together with "Lallemand" (Canada) VIC Group held a technical seminar for directors, leading specialists and technologists of livestock holdings of Belgorod region. The topic of the seminar was "The main aspects of preserving the health and productivity of cattle". The seminar was held in Benefit Plaza Congress Hotel in Belgorod.

During the planned program of the seminar the specialists visited the plant of "VIC Animal Health" located in industrial park "Severny" in Belgorod. During the excursion the participants of the seminar got acquainted with all technological stages of the manufacture of non-sterile dosage forms, feed additives, prebiotics, probiotics and ear tags.

After a visit to "VIC Animal Health" the specialists of farms listened to reports that demonstrated the main veterinary issues, such as endometritis, mastitis and hoof diseases in cattle. I.N. Kozikov (specialist in animal husbandry, VIC Group) proposed a program for the complex solution to these issues with the use of therapeutic and preventive schemes based on drugs manufactured by "VIC Animal Health":

Enroflon® is a foam tablet for treatment and prevention of postpartum complications;

Tiocefur® is an antibacterial drug used to treat cattle for respiratory diseases and necrobacteriosis;

Oxylong® 20% Retard is a prolonged antibacterial drug used to treat diseases of gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system;

Flexoprofen® is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat inflammatory diseases and pain syndrome of various etiologies.

V.S. Kumarin (Candidate of Agricultural Sciences) made a report on the biosafety of feed, he focused on prevention of mycotoxicosis in cattle with the use of feed additives manufactured by "Lallemand".

The seminar was attended by I.I. Malinin (Technical Director of "Lallemand") who made a presentation ob "The use of probiotics and prebiotics in the feeding of calves and dairy cows".

S.S. Kuznetsov (leading specialist of hygiene department of VIC Group) made a report on "Hygiene in animal husbandry as a tool for enhancing economic performance". The topic of the performance reflected the following issues: cleaning and disinfection of production facilities, hygiene of udder before and after milking, treatment and prevention of hoof diseases in cattle. There was proposed a complex program named "Hygiene in dairy cattle husbandry" with the use of effective detergents and disinfecting agents (Sunny Wash, Cow Deep, TopFoam ALK, Dermades, Hoof Double Plus, Topdes).

The participants of the seminar showed special interest in data on new veterinary equipment, tools and instruments used in dairy cattle husbandry.

A Round Table was held at the end of the seminar, where the specialists of holdings and representatives of veterinary companies could discuss advantage and technological specificity of the use of therapeutic, preventive, disinfecting agents and feed additives to address actual issues related to animal husbandry.

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