History of VIC | ГК ВИК

1990the start of the company's activity. Ambitious goals were set:

• to create the production of veterinary pharmaceuticals at the level of the world's leading pharmaceutical products;

• to create a commodity distribution logistics network in accordance with the highest requirements in this business sphere;

• to create the best system of veterinary consultative support for all products of the company;

• to create a regularly published information digest for industry experts, which will highlight the major events and latest developments in the agro-industrial complex.

1991 – the first publication of the VETINFORM advertising and information magazine.

1992 – the first publication of the scientific and reference journal “Agrarian Science”. The journal is published under the aegis of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (RAAS).

1993 – VIC starts its own production of veterinary drugs. Gentamicin injection 4% and 5% was the first in this product line.

1994 – VIC became a recognized pharmaceutical producer. The company won the World Bank tender for supply of veterinary drugs to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Scope of supply included 1 million bottles of “Gentamicin 4%”. VIС signed contracts with leading foreign companies for distribution of veterinary drugs in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

1995 – development and implementation of the “VIC Import Substitution Program” in the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals.

1996 – for the first time in the new history of the country, the Russian company VIC became an exhibitor at the international agricultural exhibition VIV – Europe.

1997 – owing to extensive growth and development of the company, significant changes took place in its structure:

• the company “VIС – Animal Health” was created. Its goal – development and production of import-substituting veterinary drugs.

• VIС Trading House was created. The main area of ​​its activity – promotion, logistics and distribution of veterinary drugs.

• due to the decision to develop business in the segment of “companion animals” the VETMARKET company was founded in order to sell a full range of veterinary products – from pharmaceuticals to specialized feed, professional veterinary instruments and equipment, DOCTOR VIC care products, accessories, etc.

1998 – the company won the state tender for the supply of 100,000 bottles of drug “Santel” for ROSZOOVETSNABPROM.

1999 – due to the development of company’s own production and launch of the VIC Import Substitution Program, the company was able to overcome Russian financial crisis of 1998 and significantly increase the quantity of import-substituting products in the assortment, becoming the largest supplier of import-substituting veterinary drugs in Russia.

2000 – The company “VIC - Animal Health” entered the Free Economic Zone “Vitebsk”, where it began the construction of a modern veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. VIC was included in the Rating of 1000 best enterprises of the XXI century.

2001 was remembered for three important industry events:

• the new plant “VIC - Animal Health” started manufacture of products in order to provide agricultural producers in Russia and in the Commonwealth of Independent States with modern veterinary pharmaceuticals;

• VIC Group managed to replace drugs which earlier were only imported in result of winning the tender of Ministry of Agriculture of Russia for supply of veterinary drugs at key positions – “Enroflon”, “Ivertin”, “Santomectin”, “Santel” and “Closalben”;

• the VIC Group of Companies became a member of industry associations: Rosptitsesoyuz, Rosvinoprom, Rosvetkormsoyuz, and actively participated in the formation of the industry legislation.

2002 – VIC Group established and for the first time held the scientific and practical conference “Vetkorm” in Barcelona where recognized specialists and international industry experts participated. The conference became an annual industry event.

2003 – VIC - Animal Health’s products were registered in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

2005 – creation of VIС - Animal Health’s Research Laboratory in Sergiev Posad, where a pilot industrial production was launched. Certification of the quality control system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001-2001 at the VIC - Animal Health production site in Vitebsk.

2006 – the project of the production site undergone an international examination for GMP compliance.

2009 – “Research Laboratory Saratov” was created and accredited.

2010 – “VIC - Animal Health” was certified according to the environmental management system ISO 14001-2005. Sterile production site was reconstructed, the project received an international expert opinion of conformity with the GMP standards.

2011 – “VIC - Animal Health” undergone certification of the personnel management system and occupational safety, OHSAS 18001 certificate was received. Enterprise “VIC - Animal Health” in Vitebsk received a national certificate of compliance with GMP standards.

2012 – VIC Group adopts a long-term program of production development.

2013 – the project of construction and launching of industrial complex in Belgorod was launched. The main targets of the new production site are:

• providing agricultural producers with high-quality national veterinary products and reducing dependence on imported veterinary products;

• creation of innovative and certified according to the GMP standards manufacturing facility in Russia;

• diversification and expand of the production capacities and research potential of the company.

• VIС was included in the TOP-20 rating of pharmaceutical companies in Russia and became № 1 in the field of veterinary medicine.

2014 – VIC Group became the first pharmaceutical company in the Commonwealth of Independent States, which received the EU GMP certificate confirmed by the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as well as an expert opinion on compliance and the right to supply veterinary drugs to the EU countries. The first two drugs of its own production registered in the European Union were “URSOFERRAN-200” and “THIOCEFUR®”.

In the same year, VIC Group established a long-term development program of a new direction – the production of pharmaceutical-grade cosmetics for people. A subsidiary company CLEANCOSMIC was founded in order to produce pharmaceutical-grade perfumery and cosmetic products based on safe natural ingredients.

2015 – VIC Trading House became the first and only veterinary company in the Commonwealth of Independent States, which undergone certification of distribution quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and certification of security system in maintaining the cold chain, transportation and storage of veterinary drugs in accordance with ISO 28004. During 25 years of successful work and innovations, the company occupied a leading position in the veterinary pharmaceutical market in the Commonwealth of Independent States, and became the largest Russian manufacturer of veterinary drugs.

2016 – the range of products of the VIC Import Substitution Program included more than 200 veterinary drugs. In October 2016, a new production site was opened in Belgorod. Its annual output: 1 million liters of feed additives, 3 thousand tons of prebiotics and probiotics, 2 million ear tags.

2017 – the line of drugs manufactured by the VIC Group included 250 positions. An export program until 2025 which included deliveries to 70 countries of the world was adopted.

2018 – VIC Group was among the laureates and the only representative of the veterinary and pharmaceutical industry in National Champions project, entered the TOP-15 of the TechUp rating and was among 32 participants in the project of the Ministry of Economic Development “National Champions” as a high-technology export-oriented company with growth performance. VIC Group showed the best results in one of the most important areas of the state economy – export potential and obtaining foreign markets.

2019 – VIC Group became the winner of the annual award “Agricultural Investor of the Year” in the nomination “Exporter of the Year”;

• Scientific and industrial company VIC, a part of the VIC Group, successfully passed the certification in voluntary certification system “Made in Russia”. 15 drugs and products of the enterprise were marked with a recognizable sign in the form of a bird in the color of the Russian flag and the sign “Made in Russia”;

•The VIC Group of Companies became a laureate in nomination “Priority-Agro” of the V National Prize in the field of import substitution and technology transfer “Priority-2019”;

• VIC Group registered two more drugs of its own production in the EU: URSOFERRAN-FORTE®, FLORIKOL®;

• the grand opening of main distribution center of A+ class of VIC Group took place on December 12. New complex operates in full compliance with GDP international quality assurance system for warehouse facilities and distribution depots in sphere of circulation of pharmaceutical products.

2020 is the year of the 30th anniversary of the VIC Group.

• The company entered the TOP-5 of the TechUp rating.

• Following the results of 2019, the VIC – Animal Health was declared the winner in the nomination “For Stability and Reliability”.

• The Belgorod production site of VIС Group received the HACCP certificate, which confirmed the high quality standards of liquid and dry feed additives of its own production, and the safety of production processes.

• Due to shortage of aseptic and disinfectant products in the Russian Federation in the context of threat of the spread of a new coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) in our country, at the Belgorod production site of the VIС Group the production of aseptic and disinfectant products for hygienic cleaning of hands and sanitization of the skin was started. The process of automation and significant increase in production was launched.

• In the difficult pandemic conditions a modern Internet platform was developed in order to hold industry scientific and practical conferences as well as online forums.


• VIC Group entered the TOP-21 global veterinary pharmaceuticals manufacturers, and got the 16th place among all pharmaceutical companies in Eastern Europe. For the first time, the company as a Russian manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceuticals was included in The Pharma 1000: Top Global Pharmaceutical Company Report.

• VIC Group launched a new production unit for pills in Belgorod. The productivity of the new production unit is four times higher than the capacity of a similar VIC line in Vitebsk. It will allow to satisfy the needs of the Russian market and deliver products to non-CIS countries.