VIC Group's ESG strategy

VIC Group is developing a social and environmental agenda to create an effective system and become a leader in ESG transformation in the Russian veterinary market

Care for the environment and the resources used
As a leader in the Russian veterinary pharmaceuticals market, VIC Group strives to minimize its environmental impact and increase resource efficiency
Корпоративная социальная ответственность и работа с персоналом
VIC Group values its personnel and treats them as the company's key asset by providing comfortable work environment, continuous development and training.
Корпоративное управление и антикоррупционная политика
High standards of corporate governance at VIC Group guarantee partners the highest quality of products and related services, as well as compliance with the anti-corruption policy
  • Environment
  • Social
  • Government
Care for the environment and the resources used
Care for the environment and the resources used
  • Using air and water filters
  • Upgrading ventilation systems
  • Wastewater monitoring by an accredited laboratory
  • Use of a natural gas boiler plant for heating
  • Introduction of more environmentally friendly packaging
Improving energy efficiency
Improving energy efficiency
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Use of air recirculation systems
  • LED lamps use
  • Upgrading switchboard rooms and equipment
  • Using alternative energy sources
Closed-loop economy
Closed-loop economy
  • Implementing technology for reuse of polyurethane residues in the production of ear tags
Responsible waste management
Responsible waste management
  • Waste reduction
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Separate waste collection

Company's Corporate Governance Policy

  • creating new jobs through the continuous development of the company
  • providing competitive wages
  • comfortable work space and equal opportunities
  • continuous training and development of employees
  • development of corporate culture and internal communications
  • charities
  • partnerships with universities
1000 + headcount
80 часов + обучения/чел.
1000 Hrs.
of training/person.
75% вовлеченности
VIC Group does not tolerate any form of corruption in its operations and projects, including:
  • in interaction with shareholders and investors;
  • with partners and counterparties, representatives of state agencies at all levels;
  • representatives of law-enforcement authorities;
  • its employees and third parties.
VIC Group corporate values

VIC Group promotes mandatory and voluntary certification, becoming a driver of the Russian veterinary market development.

VIC Group is the only certified veterinary company in the CIS:

  • ISO 9001 for distribution quality management;
  • ISO 28000 for safety system in the cold chain compliance, transportation and storage of veterinary drugs and diagnostics.
GMP and GMP-EU certified production facilities.
  • Annual audit for compliance with global standards
  • Regular audits of pharmaceutical raw material suppliers
VIC Group logistics complies with international GDP standards.

The management of the VIC Group of Companies is interested in receiving timely information about the facts of corruption that are being prepared or are taking place, as well as about contacting employees in order to persuade them to commit corruption offenses.

If you have become aware of the preparation or commission of corruption offenses related to the GC VIC, you can report it on the website.


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