Logistics and management of VIC Group are certified according to the highest standard


VIC Group is the only veterinary company in the Commonwealth of Independent States, which undergone certification of distribution quality management system according to ISO 9001 and certification of security system in maintaining the cold chain for transportation and storage of veterinary drugs according to ISO 28004.

The results of audit conducted in February 2016 by the British Standards Institution (BSI) confirmed that VIC Trading House completely meets the requirements of the following standards:

ISO 9001:2015 “quality management systems for the distribution of veterinary drugs, vaccines and feed additives”;

ISO 28004:2006 “security management systems for the supply chain in the field of maintaining the cold chain for transportation and storage of biopreparations, diagnostic agents and veterinary drugs”.

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Certificates confirm the high level of security of the product supply chain at every stage from manufacturer to consumer.

All companies are aware of the necessity to maintain the COLD CHAIN ​​in the veterinary drugs circulation, but not all companies create the necessary conditions for storage and transportation of drugs.

COLD CHAIN ​​ in VIC Group


control of the temperature regime from the factory to the VIC warehouse;

direct supply of vaccines from the manufacturer;

product liability;

acceptance of goods at the airport or manufacturer's warehouse with recording the temperature;

database of all deliveries and archive of temperature graphs;

delivery to the central warehouse only by own-account transport;

2 years of quarantine database;

mandatory application of autonomous temperature sensors.


7500 m² central warehouse – class A;

3 independent cold rooms “BASF” 3000 m³;

automatic backup power system;

automatic alarm system;

certified by the world's leading companies;

batch recording;

quarantine warehouse;

overall temperature database.


40 specialized vehicles including refrigerated vans equipped with GPS;

temperature recording every 10 minutes;

client receives temperature records;

database for each delivery.


guaranteed control of the temperature regime from factory to client for each batch of vaccine;

overall history of shipping and storage for each batch of vaccine;

total transparency of the supply chain;

possibility of taking reference samples from the quarantine warehouse;

insurance coverage of temperature regime during storage and transportation.