Belfarmacom is a Russian manufacturer and supplier of veterinary drugs and feed additives for livestock and poultry. The company has Russian GMP certificate.

The production complex is located in the Industrial Park “Severny” in Belgorod region (2000 m²). The complex is equipped with up-to-date technologies certified to GMP standards, the company has own vehicle fleet.

The company's product line consists of seventeen products, including:

- antimicrobial agents (Floram, Macrodox 200, Cipron, Ciprogen, Intecol, Colimixin, Tilmosin),

- anticoccidial drug - Coccidix,

- metabolic regulators (Vigoton, Vitammin, Lybecrin, Lybecrin-Zn-Chelate, Rumisol, Butacyfol),

- acidifier in liquid form - Complicid,

- acidifier in powder form - Proformix,

- disinfectant with detergent properties - Chistobel, antiseptic drug Septofarm.

Rumisol and Lybecrin are patented in the Russian Federation.

All the drugs have been successfully tested in the largest Russian agricultural holdings. Currently, company laboratories develop more than a dozen drugs.