Science, Research and Development | ГК ВИК

The VIC Group invests in research and development in order to provide the availability of innovative medicines for partners. The company has received more than 50 diplomas and 20 medals for achievements in development and production of veterinary drugs. 10 products are innovative and  manufactured under patents.

The Scientific Center of VIC Group maintains close cooperation with Russian research institutes, which help to conduct trials on existing and new drugs, give final recommendations for their application.

Laboratory and research facilities of the company:наука 3.png

◉ Internal laboratories (quality control)
  • Scientific research laboratory (Belgorod)
  • Control and analytical laboratories (Belgorod and Vitebsk)
  • Laboratories of microbiological control (Belgorod and Vitebsk)
◉ External laboratories for regulatory issues
  • International Development Research Center “OZOS” (Moscow)
  • Bioanalytical laboratory “BIOVISOR” (Moscow)
External laboratory for customers
  • Epsilon-Bio Diagnostic Center (Belgorod)