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Technical support and maintenance

VIC Group has organized a consulting system for all products of its own manufacture of VIC - Animal Health brand as well as vaccines, feed additives, sanitary and hygienic products, related tools and equipment.

Hygiene and sanitation

th1.pngVIC Group provides specialized service support for agricultural enterprises and supports sanitary and hygienic programs, including regular staff training, assessment and control of compliance with sanitary standards, development of process flow charts, etc.

Veterinary instruments, devices and equipment

th2.pngThe specialists of the department provide livestock enterprises with high-quality veterinary instruments, devices and equipment for cattle breeding, pig breeding, sheep breeding, poultry breeding, as well as for the treatment of small domestic animals.

Epsilon-Bio Diagnostic Center

th3.pngThe Epsilon-Bio Independent Diagnostic Center is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows carrying out a complex of studies on safety and quality of the biomaterial, food products, feed and feed additives.

Our experts

  • Veterinary doctors

10 PhDs, 30+ practitioners

  • Feed technologists

3 PhDs, 15 practitioners

  • Hygiene and sanitation specialists

2 PhDs, 10 practitioners

  • Specialists in the field of tools and equipment

5 practitioners

  • Diagnostic specialists

5 practitioners