Closalben® 10%, 20%

Оral powder

Антипаразитарные: корова Антипаразитарные: курица Антибактериальные: овца

  • Treatment of fasciolosis, dicroceliasis, monieziasis, dictyocaulosis, ostertagiosis, haemonchosis, trichocephaliasis, cooperiosis, esophagostomiasis, edemagenosis in cattle, sheep, goats and deers;

  • Treatment of hypodermatosis in cattle and oestrosis and psoroptosis in sheep.


1 g of Closalben® - 10 contains 50 mg
of albendazole and 50 mg of closantel
1 g of Closalben® - 20 contains 100 mg
of albendazole and 100 mg of closantel 


Treatment of helminthosis and botflies invasions, individually of by group method, mixed with feed or in water suspension: Closalben® - 10: 80 mg of closantel/kg bw; Closalbe® - 20: 40nmg of closantel/kg bw. Treatment (twice with 7 days interval) and prevention (once) of psoroptosis in sheep: Closalben®

- 10: 200 mg of closantel/kg bw; Closalbe®

- 20: 100 mg of closantel/kg bw.

Patent №2140267.