VIC Group became an exclusive distributor of Hygiena in Russia

VIC Group started to supply products of Hygiena, the world leader in food safety testing, to Russia. At present, VIC Group partners are supplied with equipment and kits for their own laboratory tests: the BAX PCR system and Helica ELISA-based test systems.

The BAX PCR system can detect pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli in finished products and in any production area.

The major advantages of BAX are:

- Time saving - results can be obtained starting from 10 hours after sampling;

- high accuracy of pathogen detection;

- simple and easy to use - no staff with high qualifications is required;

- fast - throughput of up to 96 samples in a single run;

- Reliability - confident and safe handling of raw materials and product shipment.

Pre-packed tableted PCR mix, packed in tubes, ensures reproducibility, consistency of composition and a long shelf life.

The BAX system comes complete with everything you need for testing and is available in two versions:

BAX Q7 version comes with a detection amplifier and a personal computer (allows 96 samples to be tested simultaneously),

BAX X5 version is equipped with a detection amplifier and a laptop computer (allows 32 samples to be tested simultaneously).

The Helica test system is designed for the quantitation of mycotoxins - substances produced by mold fungi - in animal and poultry feed and food by ELISA. The test-system is a set of reagents for express analysis, which can be used in any ELISA analyzers.

Features of the kits are:

∙ High sensitivity

∙ Results within 30-90 minutes

∙ Cost-effective and easy to use tests

∙ Consistency and strict reproducibility of results

∙ User-friendly instructions

∙ Chemicals are packed in conveniently color-coded bottles

∙ No additional materials required for cleaning samples