VIC Group launches anesthesia product with an innovative formulation on the Russian veterinary market

The unique formula of ANESTOFOL C contains no protein components and organic solvents. High efficiency and safety of ANESTOFOL C is achieved due to the interactive effect between propofol and L-arginine and the combination of propofol and tocopherol.
The drug is resistant to microbial contamination. Its shelf life is 18 days after opening.

ANESTOFOL C provides:
✔️rapid anesthesia induction,,
✔️possibility to control and maintain the required depth of anesthesia,,
✔️easy awakening of the animal after the surgery,
✔️lower risk of allergic reactions.

The drug is available in 50 ml bottles.
ANESTOFOL C will be on sale starting in April. The drug will be available online at and from the company's distributors.