VIC Group offers training seminars for cattle breeders in Kyrgyzstan

In early March, Vladimir Martyshkin, a veterinarian from the livestock division, gave a series of seminars in Kyrgyzstan. The events were held in three cities - Bishkek, Osh and Jalal-Abad - for 36 veterinarians of Agrovetasia. The company is engaged in consulting and providing farmers with everything they need for cattle breeding - veterinary medicines, tools, fertilizers, seeds, and more.

Vladimir Martyshkin spoke in detail about the treatment and prevention of mastitis at the enterprise, modern diagnostic methods and the basics of raising young cattle.

His report dealt mainly with the cows but also touched on the aspects of breeding and housing of sheep and horses. During the seminar, as requested by the audience, the speaker gave advice on the prevention of mastitis during the dry period, hygiene, disinfection in the presence of animals, and the control of hoof rot. Particular attention was paid to the factors contributing to mammary gland diseases, the issues related to the technology of milking animals were discussed:

- time and procedure of teat treatment with specialist products before milking;

- fore-milking, clinical mastitis diagnostics;

- time required to connect the milking machine, the common mistakes in the work of the machine milking operator;

- disconnecting the milking machine, factors contributing to udder trauma;

- treatment of udder teats with specialized products after milking.

In the future, VIC Group intends to conduct similar seminars in both classroom and online formats for other enterprises.