VIC Group participated in the annual meeting of members of the National Pig Breeding Union

On June 30, Moscow hosted the Annual General Meeting of members of the National Pig Breeding Union, at which leading representatives of the industry addressed key production issues and the past year results.

One of the key speakers at the meeting was Sergey Kaspariants, Executive Director of VIC Group, who presented the topic "Biosafety: audit by checklists as the key to efficient production". In his speech, he noted that the way to efficient production is a regular objective assessment of biosafety risks, conducting audits by highly qualified specialists, as well as prompt resolution of topical issues and new challenges.

Currently, about 50% of enterprises are not audited regularly, 30% are, but they often lack regulations and competent specialists, which turns out ot be inefficient in the long run.

The checklists proposed by the VIC Group specialists for the score-based assessment of the biosafety system of pig breeding enterprises were taken into account when developing criteria for evaluating the biological safety system of pig farms by the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of the Russian Federation.IMG-20220629-WA0002.jpg

"We update these checklists and materials on the proposed biosafety scorecard regularly, relying on audits and diverse studies involving specialized organizations and independent international and domestic experts in the field of biosafety. We all remember how the epizootic situation affected the industry in 2021. It always leaves a certain imprint. There are more pressing issues and challenges that need to be quickly addresses," Sergey Kaspariants noted.

Digitalization is an important component of a quality audit. It helps to understand the starting point and dynamics. At the moment, the VIC Group team is testing a special application that will help to record all the indicators, enter the results into a single database, compare the dynamics and provide an objective assessment of the company's operations in the shortest possible time. Regular analysis would help the leadership to understand how effective the existing biosafety system of the enterprise is.

VIC Group runs more than 50 events a year when implementing a scorecard for biosafety system at an enterprise with a 0,000 sows capacity. They are all cyclical and are held jointly with the veterinary and production department of the enterprise.

"In 2021, every ruble invested in the introduction and running the audits brought three rubles of net profit. This is a personalised fine-tuning of modern large enterprises, which makes it possible to increase production efficiency," Sergey Kaspariants said at the end of his speech.

On June 28, on the eve of the Annual Meeting of Pig Breeders National Union, the participants visited the Class A central logistics complex VIC Group. The participants got acquainted with the innovative technologies used by VIC Group in the field of cold chain compliance and ensuring optimal conditions for the storage and transportation of drugs that would guarantee high quality of products delivered to the client.

On June 29, during the Annual Meeting of the Pig Breeders National Union, an International Veterinary Forum on Pig Breeding was held on the grounds of the International Industrial Academy. The event was opened by Vyacheslav Butkovsky, President of the International Industrial Academy, and Yuri Kovalev, Chairman of the National Pig Breeding Union.

Angelika Zabolotnaya, PhD in Agriculture and the leading consulting of VIC Group reported on modern approaches to feeding lactating and farrow sows. The speaker presented the data on the causes of sow culling, financial losses, norms and feeding schemes.

She noted that any balancing of diets during feeding will not work with unhealthy intestines. For the purpose of prevention, the use of probiotics that support optimal intestinal microflora and stimulate immunity is effective. When facing the problem of available colostrum and milk volume reduction, products for milk productivity increase in sows should be used. For example, AXION SWINE, which helps to extend the economic use of sows, reduce oxidative stress and stimulate the immunity of piglets.

Furthermore, the forum presented up-to-date data on modern technologies for detecting and preventing viral threats to humans and animals, optimizing technologies and veterinary measures for effective management of pig breeding enterprises, and others.