VIC Group provides training seminars for cattle breeders in the Republic of Mordovia

On March 28, Mordovian Institute of retraining and agribusiness experts of the livestock division hosted a technical seminar for zootechnicians and veterinarians in Saransk. More than 35 top professionals of agricultural enterprises of the Republic of Mordovia participated in the event.

In the course of the seminar, the experts highlighted the most relevant issues concerning treatment and prevention of diseases, hygiene, sanitation, fodder production, and discussed case studies for problem solving.

Evgeny Lusin, a veterinary consultant, spoke about his practical experience in coccidiosis control in dairy cattle breeding, organization of hoof baths to prevent hoof disease, etc. The audience asked the speaker questions on insect control in the enterprise, seasonality of parasitic diseases, as well as measures to reduce lameness of cows.

Igor Korennik, Head of Livestock Breeding Department of Biosafety and Equipment Division, talked about hygiene and sanitation at the cattle breeding complex, emphasizing the strong influence of this factor on the dairy product quality. The seminar participants expressed their interest in the products for washing and disinfection of milking equipment, as well as in the products for udder treatment.

Igor Kozikov, a veterinary consultant, elaborated on veterinary and technological aspects of mastitis control at the enterprise and new tools for diagnostics of the disease causative agents. The participants were particularly interested in the highly effective treatment plans and new preparations of VIC Group.

Alexander Smirnov, leading specialist of Biosafety and Equipment Division, made a detailed and interesting report on modern tools in cattle breeding. Most of the products turned out to be familiar to the listeners - many of them use them in their work.

The invited guest Ivan Malinin, technical director of LALLEMAND, spoke about forage harvesting and heat stress. Armen Meloyan, leading technologist and consultant of the VIC Group, told about mycotoxins and practical experience with LEVISEL SC TITAN PLUS yeast probiotic, which improves digestion of ruminants. In the format of a feedback roundtable, the audience and speakers discussed fodder preparation technologies, ration composition, and other urgent issues in detail. As a result, agreements were reached to conduct comparative analysis of the supplement application at several enterprises.

VIC Group will hold the next similar event for specialists of livestock enterprises in Tomsk region on April 3.