1 ml contains 25 mg of toltrazuril


Pharmacological properties

Toltrazuril possesses wide spectrum of anticoccidial activity against Eimeria acervulina, Eimeria maxima, Eimeria tenella, Eimeria brunetti, Eimeria necatrix, Eimeria mitis, Eimeria praecox, Eimeria hagani, Eimeria adenoides, Eimeria meleagrimitis, Eimeria anceris, Eimeria truncata, etc. Mechanism of action: blocking of respiratory enzymes, damaging of mitochondria, violation of nuclear fission, which disturbs the process of formation of macrogametocites.


Treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in broilers, chickens, chicken replacements and turkeys.


By group method, with drinking water:

• for 48 hours at a dose of 7 mg of toltrazuril/1 kg of bw (28 ml per 100 kg of poultry), which is equivalent to 1 ml/1 L of drinking water, or

• for 8 hours in 2 consecutive days at a dose 3 ml/1 L of the drinking water.

In severe cases, treatment can be repeated 5 days after.

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