1L contains: Vitamin B1 – 0.02g; Vitamin B2 – 0.005g; Vitamin B6 – 0.04g; Vitamin B12 – 0.006 g; Betaine – 150 g; Lysine – 50 g; Methionine –10 g; L - carnitine – 50 g; Vitamin B8 – 1g

Biological properties

PRODUCTIVE HEPATO is a source of vitamins and essential amino acids for all kinds of farm animals and poultry. Vitamins are catalysts of metabolism. Amino acids are structural units of tissue proteins, ferments, peptid hormones and other biologically active compounds. Betaine is a source of labile methyl groups for methylation of homocysteine in the liver. PRODUCTIVE HEPATO prevents fatty infiltration and other lesions of the liver, supports the immune system and helps to maintain productivity at a high level upon the occurrence of stressful events associated with vaccination, handling, transport, change of diet and a latent course of certain diseases.


PRODUCTIVE HEPATO is administered: - to feeding of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry for prevention of fatty liver syndrome, providing normal growth and metabolism, deficiency for B vitamins and essential amino acids.

- PRODUCTIVE HEPATO improves the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, increases the body’s resistance to infectious diseases, lowers cholesterol, strengthens immunity, and improves digestion processes.


For prevention of fatty infiltration and other lesions of the liver, with drinking water 1-2 times in week or 4-5 consecutive days at following doses:

poultry – 0.2-1.0 ml/1 L of water;

pigs, cattle, sheep and goats – 0.25-1.0 ml/1 L of water.

to pregnant animals – 0.5 ml/1 L for 5 days: first time – 30 days and second time – 14 days before delivery.

For prevention of hypovitaminosis – courses for 4-5 days every 6 months.

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