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The Conference was held in Vilnius on 4-7 June. The event was devoted to the quality assurance of medicines.

The event was organized by pharmaceutical company VIALEK. The clients of the company are more than 460 pharmaceutical enterprises (manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, etc.) of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Armenia and Uzbekistan.

V. Shamov, Deputy Director for Production, and L. Rudenko, the Deputy Director for Quality Assurance, participated in the event on behalf of NPF VIC.

I. Kuleshova, Deputy Director, A. Alekseeva, Deputy Director for Quality Assurance, I. Kurganov, Deputy Director for Production represented "VIC Animal Health" at the event.

More than 20 reports on the most topical issues were presented at the Conference. For instance, there was "Illegal market of drugs and what we do with it in Lithuania", "Human factor - a problem or resource?", "Verification of documentation during inspections and (or) audits", "Data integrity assurance", "Implementation of quality culture in the company", "Comparative analysis of expected changes in GMP (EC) requirements in 2018-2020".

Special interest was attracted to "Covariance analysis (ANCOVA) to assess the data on stability" and "Is it possible to compromise with the commercial service in compliance with the FEFO principle?". A business game on change control and interactive pause "Errors of analysis made by the management" was conducted.

Of particular interest was a master-class on "The Science of Personality. Personal effectiveness". After the test, each participant determined what type of personality he was.

The participants of the Conference went on a walking tour of the Old Town. They enjoined the beauty of ancient buildings, German Kirche, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant churches, etc.

During the official closing, the participants of the event thanked the organizers, speakers and active participants. The participants were looking forward to meeting at the 10th Pharmaceutical Week, which will be held in Riga.

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