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During the International Conference “Ensuring Traceability in Pig Farming is a Guarantee of Internal and Foreign Pork Markets Successful Development”, which took place as part of the business program at the International Exhibition of Livestock and Field Feed Production Technologies AGROS 2020, a discussion session was carried out. The discussion was attended by leading Russian and foreign experts. VIC Group of Companies was represented by Maxim Biryukov, Leading Veterinary Consultant of the Veterinary Department.

The participants discussed the topic of using traceability technology in pig breeding enterprises, issues of production processes control in the industry, existing measures product safety ensuring. They noted that maximum openness and traceability of production is the future of the pig industry.

Foreign experts argue that it is important to know which company produced the product, what exactly happens in this farming unit, in which region it is located. One of the Russian experts noted a low level of confidence to pork production among some part of population. Traceability will significantly increase the degree of consumer confidence in this production, experts believe.

During the discussion,  the VIC Group expert was asked if the veterinary preparations producer ready to guarantee their safety for the health of animals and people? The expert stated that the VIC Group of Companies is the only veterinary pharmaceutical company in the CIS that had received the European GMP certificate, confirmed by the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Netherlands, as well as ISO 9001 certificates for the quality management system, ISO14001 for the environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 for the labor protection management system . “We also have the right to place the 'Made in Russia' label on our products, which is very important. We have always met all our partners expectations in the quality of audits of our production sites and warehouses, ” Maxim Biryukov said. He noted that the VIC Group is actively involved in education process, in particular, it broadcasts events on Internet resources. “Only together we can make our business transparent and honest,” the expert summed up.

The panelists noted the positive processes in pig industry: today many companies are ready for transparency and strive to do everything so that consumers have no doubts about safety and quality of the goods they buy.



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