1 ml contains 5 mg of ivermectin and 125 mg of closantel

Pharmacological properties

SANTOMECTIN® is an antiparasitic drug with a wide spectrum of activity against gastrointestinal and lung nematodes, trematodes, larvae of botflies and ectoparasites. Mechanism of action: violation of phosphorylation and electron transfer, which leads to violation of energy metabolism and parasite’s death.


Treatment of dictyocaulosis, haemonchosis, ostertagiosis, trichocephaliasis, cooperiosis, nematodirosis, bunostomosis, strongyloidosis, fasciolosis, thelaziosis, hypodermosis, oestrosis in cattle, sheep, goats and deers.


SANTOMECTIN® is administered to animal at a dose of 1 ml per 50 kg bw (0.1 mg of ivermectin and 2.5 mg of closantel/kg b. w.) once by subcutaneous or intramuscular route in the infrascapular region. Patent №2129430

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