Leader in the Russian veterinary pharmaceutical market since 1990

No.1 manufacturer of veterinary drugs in the CIS
VIC Group is one of the world's top 21 manufacturers of veterinary drugs and ranks 16th among pharmaceutical companies in Eastern Europe.
Comply with international standards and GMP requirements



Quality assurance of storage and transportation of each bottle


About us

VIC Group is one of the world's top 21 manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceuticals, a leader in the Russian veterinary pharmaceutical market, the largest manufacturer of veterinary drugs in the CIS.

Since 1990, the company has been offering its partners innovative, high-quality, veterinary and pharmaceutical products and services related to animal rearing and housing, as well as veterinary tools and equipment. 

By introducing the best developments, practices and technologies in the production, we make the products more available for our customers. Thus, we ensure food security in the country and human and animal health.



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иконка 21

world's top 21 manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceuticals

иконка 80

awards for development and production of veterinary drugs

иконка 3

certified R&D laboratories

иконка 10

innovative proprietary products

иконка 50+

countries of distribution

иконка 21

offices in central cities of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

иконка 7

regional distribution centers

иконка 2

production complexes


Two VIC plants comply with international standards and GMP requirements. Every year, all the production sites are inspected for compliance with international standards. The process engineers of the company regularly examine suppliers of pharmaceutical raw materials and materials for the production process.

VIC Animal Health is the only veterinary company in the former USSR certified to EU GMP standards and granted the right to supply its own products to the EU.

VIC Animal Health produces veterinary drugs, feed additives, sanitation and hygiene products and ear tags.

Types of products:
◉ antibacterial drugs;
◉ hormones;
◉ antiparasitic drugs;
◉ nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
◉ iron-containing drugs;
◉ vitamins;
◉ feed additives.

Under the brand name DOCTOR VIC cosmetics for animal companion and antiseptic products for people are produced.

The products of the brand are well-respected and demanded among pet owners, as well as groomers, breeders, owners  of clinics, pet stores and nurseries.

Disinfectant DOCTOR VIC is used for hygienic cleaning of hand skin. Disinfectant DOCTOR VIC has a wide spectrum of bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action. It is designed for industrial and residential use.

The products of CLEANCOSMIC are distributed under the trademarks SelfieLab and SelfieLab Young.

SelfieLab is cosmetics for people, which is developed in laboratory and manufactured in compliance with pharmaceutical standards. Manufacturing process is based on 4 principles: pharmaceutical quality, safety, proven effectiveness, natural ingredients.

The product range include care products for face, hands and feet, for hair: face masks and patches, serums, creams, shampoos, conditioners, mists, etc. Cosmetics can be purchased in Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.


Science, Research and Development

VIC annually invests in research and development to make innovative drugs more available for the partners. VIC Group has more than 50 diplomas and 20 medals for development and production of veterinary drugs. 10 drugs of the company are innovative and proprietary.

The R&D Center of VIC Groups cooperates closely with Russian research institutes, which contribute to the research of existing and new drugs and provide recommendation for use.

VIC Animal Health is the only veterinary pharmaceutical company in the former USSR with GMP-EU certificate.


иконка 80

awards for development and production of veterinary drugs

иконка 3

certified R&D laboratories

иконка 100%

of the profit is reinvested in its own production, research and development

иконка 10

innovative proprietary products


Trading House-VIC is the largest livestock and poultry pharmaceutical company in the CIS, which provide end-to-end services to livestock and poultry farms.

Market share:
◉    25% – poultry farming;
◉    23% – pig farming;
◉    20% – livestock farming.

The company employs 150 highly qualified specialists with a profound and productive experience in veterinary medicine and distribution of veterinary drugs.

Trading House-VIC has 21 sales offices in the largest cities of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, that distribute VIC products, domestic and imported drugs.
A professional veterinary company in segment of animal companion, which sells the products of “VIC - Animal Health” brand and operates as the official distributor of the world's leading manufacturers of products for small domestic animals: Zoetis (USA), Bioveta (Czech Republic), Kerbl (Germany) and others.

VETMARKET has its own logistics and international trade services.

Representative offices of VETMARKET are located in the following cities of the Russian Federation: Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Belgorod, Penza, Nizhny Novgorod, Orel, Vologda, and many others.

VETMARKET's clients are veterinary clinics and pharmacies, nurseries and breeders, chain pet stores, state veterinary services throughout Russia, Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Belfarmacom is a Russian manufacturer and supplier of veterinary drugs and feed additives for farm animals and poultry. The company has Russian GMP certificate.
The production complex is located in in the Industrial Park “Northern” of Belgorod region. The plant is provided with state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories, warehouses, offices and welfare spaces, has its own fleet of trucks.

The company's portfolio comprises seventeen products, including:
antimicrobial agents, anticoccidial drug, metabolic regulators,  acidifiers,  disinfectant with detergent properties and antiseptic drug.

All medicines were successfully tested at the sites of the largest agricultural holdings of Belgorod region and the Russian Federation.
More ten new drugs are currently being developed by the company's laboratories.

VIC Group is an official distributor of the world's leading manufacturers of veterinary drugs, instruments and vaccines.

For example these are such companies as:

“Zoetis” (USA) – a global company which develops quality vaccines and pharmaceuticals, diagnostic kits and tests;
“Lallemand” (Canada) – the main products are live bacteria for silage, live probiotic yeast and yeast-based medicines;
“MS Schippers” (Netherlands) – a Dutch manufacturer of modern products for intensive animal farming;
“Novus” (USA) –provides novel solutions in sphere of nutrition of livestock, poultry and aquaculture;
“BioChek” (Netherlands) –specializes in production and supply of veterinary diagnostic systems for poultry and pig breeding.



Logistics of VIC Group ensures safe storage, transportation and complete traceability of each bottle. 

VIC Group is the only veterinary company in the former Soviet republics certified to ISO 9001 (quality management system) and ISO 28004 (security management system for the supply chain, transportation and storage of veterinary drugs) standards.  

Transport logistics includes more than 40 specialized vehicles to deliver veterinary products.

Class A+ logistics center (7200 square meters) completely meets international quality management requirements for warehouses and GDP standards.

logistics-1_0.png     logistics-2_0.png     logistics-3_0.png

Сomplete traceability: WMS control

Сomplete traceability: WMS control

Cold chain compliance – from manufacturer to consumer

Cold chain compliance – from manufacturer to consumer

Simultaneous storage of more than 9000 pallets, stacking height up to 12 m

Simultaneous storage of more than 9000 pallets, stacking height up to 12 m

Compliance with GDP requirements and standards

Compliance with GDP requirements and standards


Nowadays, the VIC Group exports its products to more than 50 countries.

Publishing, Exhibitions & Events


Publishing activities

VIC Group has been publishing "Agrarian Science" journal since 1992.

The journal is published every month, it is an international publication of the Interstate Council for Agricultural Science and Information of the CIS countries. Scientific and practical journal widely highlights the agricultural, breeding, seed production, soil cultivation, veterinary and other achievements of scientists and specialists.

The journal belongs to:
  • the List of peer-reviewed scientific journals mainly publishing thesis results for Doctor and Candidate of Sciences degrees;
  • the List of publications in AGRIS database;
  • Russian Science Citation Index database.

Exhibition & Events

VIC Group actively participates in leading industrial exhibitions and conferences: MVC: Cereals - Mixed Feed - Veterinary, AGROS, EuroTier, VIV, etc.

New drugs regularly participate in competitions at the exhibitions and receive prizes and other prestigious awards.

Every year VIC Group holds the largest scientific conferences, forums, round tables. These conferences include "Veterinary nutrition", "Veterinary Medicine", "International Veterinary Forum", international online forums and round tables.

Our brands

Social responsibility

VIC Group runs a socially responsible business and constantly supports several institutions. For more than 15 years, VIC Group has been providing assistance to Vohomsky Juvenile Rehabilitation Center for children from families with different difficulties.

Since 2004, VIC has been supporting UNESCO project and assisting to charity foundation "Illustrated Books for Small Blind Children". The interactive publications help children with vision impairment to explore the world and take the first steps in creativity.