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In 2014 VIC Group created a cosmetics manufacturing company CLEANCOSMIC. Its products are sold under the trademark SelfieLab (SELFIE Laboratory).

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The mission of the SelfieLab brand:

“To create modern, comfortable solutions that improve the quality of life”

There are four principles in a basis of manufacture of SelfieLab products:

79hk732w1sk9uvjyran36t7yvcr03sgt.png1. Pharmaceutical quality

SelfieLab cosmetics are manufactured in Belarus at the production site certified in accordance with international pharmaceutical standards GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This is the only cosmetic production site in the Republic of Belarus which has such a high standard.

jctuaeq256lneegnvloqen7melln1lda.png2. Safety

All SelfieLab products contain safe ingredients and are suitable for daily use. According to GMP requirements, raw and packaging materials, intermediate and finished products, technological process parameters at the production site are subject to control. Our suppliers provide a full package of appropriate technical documentation confirming the quality of raw materials and supplies. SelfieLab cosmetics contain only highly purified water, which goes through 6 stages of purification, this distinguishes SelfieLab cosmetics from other brands.

262327fcehmp391ad6uzyuerqmorssnv.png3. Proven effectiveness

In formulations of newly developed  SelfieLab products only ingredients with proven effectiveness and in the required concentration are used. New cosmetics undergo not only standard forms of testing (safety, stability), but also a complex testing with participation of a wide group of testers. This approach allows us to offer not only safe, but also really effective products.

sxalsaefrkzv1occxla9lxfro9vw011m.png4. Natural ingredients

SelfieLab cosmetics are created on the basis of natural components in accordance with the latest scientific developments in the field of cosmetology. The composition of the care products contain original active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, coenzyme Q10, etc.), natural oils, plant extracts, AHA acids and unique vitamin complexes.

Using the pharmaceutical quality products of the SelfieLab brand, the customer will achieve proper and safe treatment for face and hair. SelfieLab cosmetics can be purchased in Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

In November 2020, CLEANCOSMIC successfully passed an inspection for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22716 (GMP).

According to the results of inspection, the production of CLEANCOSMIC was certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 22716 “Cosmetics. Good manufacturing practices (GMP). Guidelines on good manufacturing practices”.