Mission and values | ГК ВИК

Since 1990, we have been working in order to respond to partners' needs in innovative, high-quality products, services and solutions in the field of veterinary, pharmaceuticals, animal raising and keeping technology, as well as hygiene and equipment of the enterprises.

By applying the best ideas, developments, technologies and practices in our own production process, we make products more accessible to our customers.

This is our contribution to maintaining food security of the country, as well as the health of people and animals.

Our strategy:

◉ To be the largest in Eastern Europe developer, producer and supplier in the field of:
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Animal raising and keeping
  • Hygiene
  • equipment of the enterprises

◉ To be a leader in quality and safety of products

◉ Launch the full production cycle of drugs

◉ Reinvest profits in research and development

◉ Expand export deliveries to 100 countries by 2025

Our clients

апк.png Agricultural enterprises specializing in swine breeding, poultry breeding, livestock production, meat processing as well as the production of premixes and compound feed.

компаньоны.png Organizations working in the field of animal companions: veterinary clinics, pharmacies, pet shops, grooming salons, nurseries.

косметика.png Cosmetic stores for people, including an online store.