1 g contains 100 mg of sodium thiosulfate and 100 mg of Patent Blue V

Pharmacological properties

Sodium thiosulfate reduces water hardness and free chlorine content, normalizes water pH to physiological values. Chelating agents, contained in product, are able to precipitate heavy metals such as Fe, Br, cyanides, Cu, Ag, Hg, Zn, which can inactivate the vaccine. Coloring agent allows to control distribution of vaccines and veterinary medicines through water supply system and visually assess the number of farm animals and poultry exposed to the vaccination/ medication by staining tongue and lips of animals and beak and tongue of poultry in blue.


Water preparation for immunization with viral, bacterial and antimycoplasmal vaccines or treatment with veterinary medicines in farm animals and poultry.


15 g per 100-150 L of drinking water.

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