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VIC Group opened the first DOCTOR VIC pet store on 31 May. The address of the store is ulitsa Kirova 4, Luybertsy, Moscow region.

The pet store is a place, where customers can buy all necessary products for their pets and use the services of veterinarian and groomer. The store offers a wide range of products. There are drugs, feed, care products for animals.

- At the pet store pet owners can get all services they need. They can consult a veterinarian and groomer, purchase medicinal and care products for animals. The pet store increases the brand recognition and strengthens product sales, - said O. Solodukhina, Project Manager.

At the opening of the pet store, buyers received pleasant bonuses: free consultation of a veterinarian, gifts with the purchase. All comers could take professional photos and get a photo magnet as a souvenir.

Visitors were satisfied with the wide assortment of products, work of the veterinarian and groomer.

- I have seen many veterinarians and can say that this pet store has a very good specialist. She immediately figured out the problem and gave qualified advice, - said one of the visitors, Y. Cherednichenko.

Y. Cherednichenko was concerned about the shedding and weight loss of his cat. D. Petrovskaya, veterinarian, found the cause - malnutrition followed by troubles with digestion and shedding.

Another visitor, O. Nosova, appreciated the work of the groomer, G. Potselovskaya.

- I am planning to give my dog a haircut, but I can't choose a groomer. Many specialists drove up the price and could not confirm their qualifications. G. Potselovskaya used to groom dogs which took first places in international competitions, thereby I have no doubt about her qualification, the price is also good.

The product range includes feed, care products for animals, leashes, etc. The store has mid-range and upscale products, the services of veterinarian and groomer cost less than an average on the market. DOCTOR VIC pet store will replace other pet stores, veterinary offices and grooming salons for pet owners.

The place for the pet shop was chosen considering the location of metro station, the population of the district and the absence of veterinary clinics within walking distance.

- Many clients are already familiar with the products of VIC Group, they are aware of its high quality and happy to buy its products. The most popular products are eye lotion for cats and dogs, ear lotion and behaviour modification agents, - said I. Strahova, sales consultant.

In 2018, two more stores are expected to open in Moscow region, after a while DOCTOR VIC pet stores will be opened all over the country.

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