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For years VIC Group of Companies participates in one of the largest international exhibitions “MVC: Grain-Animal Feed-Animal Health-2020”. This time, the VIC Group presented an anniversary stand, which even won a separate award.

The design of the exhibition provided a unique opportunity to meet personally with all key customers within a couple of days.

“The stand makes it very convenient to tell about your production, to demonstrate the products. After all, the business of animal drugs and supplementary feeds is based on mutual respect and long-term relationships, ” Victoria Violina, CEO of VIC - Animal Health, said. Svetlana Dorofeeva, Deputy CEO for Veterinary Medicine,  pointed out, - “It is especially valuable, that along with veterinarians and livestock specialists working directly in production, here we can meet scientists and researchers, representatives of universities. We share common concerns and questions with all of them, and it helps us better plan the VIC performance in all areas. ”

As the scientific potential of the company grows, new veterinary preparations and feed additives are presented at the VIC Group stand every year. Annual participation in the exhibition allows us to track the effectiveness of negotiations and events held within the MVC framework. Director of the VIC Research and Production Company Peter Podgornov believes: “Last year’s exhibition was very successful in terms of promoting our innovative products - granular antibacterial drugs. In 2020 we plan to launch the second phase of their production and consequently double the volume. And we are presenting this at the exhibition this year as well. ” Vera Andryushchenko, Head of the Veterinary equipment department, told about her departments achievements: “Today we are presenting two new developments in the field of animal identification. Our electronic tags open up new opportunities for Russian animal agriculture. ”


“MVC: Grain-Animal Feed-Animal Health-2020” is rightfully viewed as the main industry exhibition in Russia and in the post-Soviet countries. This is why it is important for the VIC Group: after all, the CIS is one of the four key export areas due to historically established economic and cultural ties with the countries of this region. “This year exhibition for us is a chance not only to maintain existing relations with partners, but also to start working with several new countries, for example, Turkmenistan,”  Tigran Avakyan, Head of Export sales department, said.

Sergey Kasparyants, Commercial Director of VIC Group, participated in the business program of the exhibition. He spoke at the round table dedicated to the topic of Basic issues of safety and quality of animal drugs, feed and feed supplements”. He covered the manufacturers' view on the automation of the veterinary products traceability system, touching upon the importance of introducing innovations into the production process. “VIС Group of Companies,” S. Kasparyants noted, “has already begun preparation for the veterinary drugs traceability system implementation, within the framework of which automation of all processes is introduced. Manufacturers need at least three years to adapt to the new system, and only after the testing period can fines for violations be introduced correctly. For veterinary pharmaceuticals, the traceability that shall be required from the manufacturer, should be implemented in all processes, up to the stage of delivery to distributors, but not to the point of sale - a clinic or pharmacy, as is the case with human medicines. At the moment, this is motivated by the low equipment capability level in the veterinary industry. ”

The exhibition organizers gave a high praise to the VIC interactive booth. The event resulted in awards in two categories for VIC Group: the company was awarded the first degree diploma in the competition “Innovations in animal feed industry” and a special diploma for the most distinctive stand.



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