Powder or granules for oral administration

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Due to sodium thiosulfate, Chicken-patrol removes hardness of water and reduces free chlorine content. Chicken-patrol adjusts pH of water to physiological values, neutralizes free chlorine to 10 ppm within 10 minutes, thereby preventing vaccines from inactivation. The components of Chicken-patrol contain chelating agents providing precipitation of heavy metals (iron, bromine, cyanides, copper, silver, mercury, zinc), which can inactivate vaccines. Stabilizers and dyes for vaccines 158 Chicken-patrol helps to control distribution of vaccines and other veterinary drugs in a water supply system, it also helps to visually evaluate the number of livestock and poultry vaccinated or treated with drugs. Chicken-patrol dyes tongues, noses, lips, beaks blue. The effect persists for 2-3 hours. Chicken-patrol has no impact on water intake. It is harmless, has no medical properties.


Chicken-patrol is used to prepare water during immunization of livestock and poultry with viral and bacterial vaccines, vaccines against mycoplasmosis, and other veterinary drugs administered via drinking water or by spraying. Chicken-patrol dyes vaccine solution and other veterinary drugs blue. Chicken-patrol replaces skimmed milk powder, reduces the risk of bacterial infection. It does not block water supply through a water supply system.  


1 g contains 100 mg of sodium thiosulfate, 100 mg of Patent Blue V and excipients including chelating agents– up to 1 g.


1 sachet or 15 g per 100-500 L of water.