Shampoo-Conditioner with keratin and provitamin В5 for long-haired cats

Железосодержащие: кошка
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«KERATIN&B5» series has excellent regenerating and moisturizing properties, prevents tangling of fur. Soft formula has the healing and the anti-inflammatory effect due to the content of keratin and provitamin В5.   «KERATIN&B5» series nutrients protect fur from humidity, cold and dry air, make grooming easier.


• use care products containing hydrolyzed keratin to accelerate the natural seasonal molting of pets, which is usually delayed for pets in flats or apartments;

• use Balm-Conditioner of the same line after every washing of a pet. It will make grooming easier, and will also protect the skin and fur from overdrying caused by a hair-dryer

• dilute shampoos with water in the ratio 1:4-1:6. The percent of dilution depends on pollution degree of your pet.