Toltrax® 2.5%

Oral solution

Антипаразитарные: индюк Антипаразитарные: курица
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Toltrazuril is a synthetic agent of the triazinetrione group. Toltrazuril
is a broad-spectrum coccidiostat, effective against Eimeria acervulina,
Eimeria maxima, Eimeria tenella, Eimeria brunetti, Eimeria necatrix,
Eimeria mitis, Eimeria praecox, Eimeria hagani Eimeria adenoides, Eimeria
meleagrimitis, Eimeria anceris, Eimeria truncate. Toltrazuril inhibits
respiratory enzymes, acts against mitochondria, violates nuclear
fission, thereby disrupting the formation of macrogametocytes. It
causes death of parasites. After oral administration, toltrazuril is
slowly absorbed and has its anticoccidial effect in the mucous and submucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. Toltrazuril is
metabolized and excreted intact in the feces.


Toltrax® 2.5% is used for treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in broiler chickens, replacement chickens and turkeys.


1 ml contains active substance: 25 mg of toltrazuril; excipients: triethanolamine, polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol.


Toltrax® 2.5% is administered to poultry via drinking water at a dose of 7 mg of toltrazuril per 1 kg bw (28 ml of the drug per 100 kg bw), which is equivalent to 1 ml of the drug per 1 L of water – for 48 hours within two days in a row, or 3 ml of the drug per 1 L of water – for 8 hours a day within two days in a row. In severe cases, it is recommended to repeat the treatment in 5 days.