VIC Group took part in the IX Kazakhstan International Forum of Poultry Farmers

The event, held July 20-22 in Nur-Sultan, brought together practitioners and industry experts to discuss current trends, urgent issues of feeding, equipment, veterinary, zootechnology and other topical issues of the industry.

The event was officially opened by Vladimir Fisinin, President of Rosptitsesoyuz. He presented up to date information regarding the achievements of poultry industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan and emphasized that to date the poultry industry in the region covers 50% - 65% of its demand for poultry meat, which is indicative of efficient management and intensive rates of increasing production capacity. However, the expert also noted that the republic also needs to increase these capacities in the sphere of grain crops to provide itself with raw materials for compound feed.

Sergey Rudychev, a leading veterinary advisor of VIC Group, spoke about the practice of the partnership program "Reasonable Consumption of Antibiotics". In his report, he cited statistics on the antibiotics application in animal husbandry and medicine, as described in the official report of the European Union and the World Health Organization. Based on this data, on average, 70% of all antibiotics are used in agriculture, while about 20% are used in medicine. From this year on and until 2028 a new, more effective concept for the antibiotics usage is adopted: the Government of the Russian Federation approved the Concept of State Policy on healthy food in the Russian Federation, new orders of the Ministry of Agriculture regulating the antibiotics usage in the Russian Federation for animal treatment are introduced.

The concept's implementation in the Agricultural Industry is accomplished, among other things, through the Reasonable Consumption of Antibiotics program by VIC Group. It is backed by laboratory diagnostics and sensitivity testing of cultures, isolated from pathological material, to antibacterial drugs. Veterinary specialists can prescribe an effective treatment plan based on accurate diagnostic data.

For example, in one of the experiments, sensitivity to PULMOSOL, SPELINK 660 and COLIKVINOL was found in the pathological material. These unique products are broad-spectrum antibiotics highly effective for treatment of bacterial infections of gastrointestinal tract, respiratory and joint diseases in poultry. Their use in the therapeutic and preventive plans leads to epizootological safety and high production indicators, making it possible not to find 99% of antibiotics in meat and thus ensuring the products purity for the domestic market and export.

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