Enroflon® 2.5%, 5%, 10%

Solution for injection intramuscular and subcutaneous administration

Антибактериальные: теленок Антибактериальные: овца Антибактериальные: поросенок Антибактериальные: свинья
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Enrofloxacin belongs to fluoroquinolones, has a wide range of antibacterial effect, inhibits the growth and development of grampositive and gram-negative microorganisms, including Е. соli, Haemophilus spp., Klebsiella spp., Pasteurella spp., Pseudomonas spp., Bordetella spp., Campylobacter spp., Erysipelothrix spp., Corynebacterium spp., Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., Actinobacillus spp., Clostridium spp., Bacteroides spp., Fusobacterium spp., as well as Mycoplasma spp. Enroflon® reaches the maximum concentration in the blood in 0.5-1 hours after administration, the maximum concentration persists for 4-6 hours, the therapeutic concentration persists for 24 hours. Enrofloxacin is mainly excreted in the urine and bile.


  • treatment of bronchopneumonia, colibacillosis, salmonellosis in calves, lambs and piglets caused by fluoroquinolone-sensitive bacteria; 

  • treatment of atrophic rhinitis, enzootic pneumonia, mastitismetritis-agalactia syndrome in pigs.


1 ml contains 25, 50 or 100 mg of enrofloxacin respectively


Enroflon® is administered once a day subcutaneously to calves and lambs
and intramuscularly to piglets at a dose of 2.5-5.0 mg of
enrofloxacin/kg bw for 3-5 days. For sows in the case of MMA syndrome
Enroflon® is administered intramuscularly at a dose of 2.5 mg of
enrofloxacin/kg bw for 1-2 days. For calves and sows Enroflon® to be
administered in the quantities not more than 10 ml per site, for lambs -
not more than 5 ml per site, for piglets - not more than 2.5 ml per