Pre-milking teat disinfectant

Lactik contains salts of lactic acid, surface-active agents, softening, soothing and functional agents to clean the teats gently. Lactic acid has pronounced detergent and disinfectant effects. The surface-active agents repair the barrier function and promote skin regeneration. Soothing agents soothe and nourish skin, improve elasticity, prevent damage to teats during milking, have soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects. The composition has a neutral pH, which is suitable for frequent use. Lactik is a colorless and odorless liquid used to clean udders on livestock and dairy farms. Use Lactik before milking to clean and protect the udder against infections. 


Salts of lactic acid, glycerin, vitamin complex, soothing and regenerating agents, water.

10 and 20 kg packages.