Productive® Hepato

Витамины: конь Витамины: собака Витамины: кошка Витамины: кролик Витамины: индюк Витамины: курица Витамины: петух

• treatment of liver pathology of any etiology;

• convenient for oral administration;

• for all animal species from an early age;

• an optimal composition of vitamins, amino acids and microelements;

• high bioavailability of all components;

• increased stress resistance;

• effective immune system work.


(vitamins B 1, B2, B6, B12, betaine, lysine, methionine, L-carnitine, vitamin B 8) solution for oral use  


1 L contains 0.02 g of vitamin B1, 0.005 g of vitamin B2, 0.04 g of  vitamin B 6, 0.006 g of vitamin B12, 150 g of betaine, 50 g of lysine, 10 g of methionine, 50 g of L-carnitine, 1 g of vitamin B8 and excipients – castor oil, sodium citrate, distilled water.